College Ambassador Portal

Why become CA?

  • Improve your skill set
  • Build public relations
  • Promote Your Campus
  • Become the Leader of your College
  • Asset of Being a CA.

  • Get Certificate of recognition for working as a College Ambassador of NAVADHAR 2K19.
  • Best 5 College Ambassadors will be presented with exciting prizes, depending upon your work as a College Ambassador of NAVADHAR 2K19.
  • Top 10 College Ambassadors will get special recognition through official social media
  • As a College Ambassadors, if you bring more than 15 students participants (excluding the Ambassador), you will be exempted from paying any Registration Fee for the fest.
  • College ambassadors will be exempted from payment of workshop fee provided he/she brings more than 25 students participants (excluding the Ambassador).
  • Task of a CA.

  • To publicise NAVADHAR 2K19 in the student community inside and outside the campus.
  • Publicising the events of NAVADHAR 2K19 on various Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram by sharing the posts of NAVADHAR.
  • Contact us


    Snigdha Banerjee

    Call / WhatsApp - 7549569954


    Call / WhatsApp - 8873760792

    Email :


    Q. Who is a College Ambassador?

  • A person who is the link between NAVADHAR 2K19 and your college. He / She will be the first point of contact.
  • Q. How should I apply?

  • You can find the registration button above. Fill all the above-mentioned details. Once you have registered, you won’t be able to change your email ID.
  • Q. How much time and effort would be expected from me?

  • Basic commitment and sincerity towards the assigned task are expected.
  • Q. What is the eligibility to become a College Ambassador?

  • A student with a valid college ID.
  • Q. What will be the responsibility of a CA?

  • Sharing the posts on all social media platforms and the posters on your college notice boards.
  • Q. How can I contact NAVADHAR?

    Please post your queries in the Contact Us section, and we will get back to you
    Call / WhatsApp us at
    Neet - 8873760792
    Snegdha - 7549569954

    Q. Can there be more than one College Ambassador from a college?

  • Depending on the necessity NAVADHAR, Central University of Jharkhand can appoint more than one college ambassador from a college.